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Located in an expanse of 5 acres, the school campus boasts of rare tranquility and greenery in the centre of the bustling city of Hyderabad. A 2-acre sports ground is located inside as well.

Sports Ground

The school has a pretty spacious sports ground, where boys and girls of all ages are encouraged to build their sporting skills. Our sports facility also consists of various sports equipment.


The library is equipped with about 6,000 books, including educational books, fictional reading, and popular children’s series, from The Hardy Boys to Harry Potter to Chandamama.

Science Lab

The school has a well-equipped science laboratory for students to understand how science practically works. Experiments in biology, chemistry and physics are regularly conducted for our students, who are also sometimes allowed to conduct experiments themselves.

Computer Lab

Computer science is a vital subject in any education system. The school has a computer lab well-equipped with machines. Every child has access to a computer once a week. We impart training in basic programming and Internet skills.


The school has a vast, spacious auditorium, that is the nerve centre of all our important functions, including meetings, cultural events and all group activities that students take part in. It is here that cultural programs are held and visitors address students.

Cultural Block

The school is constructing a new block in order for us to have a dedicated space for creative expression by our students. The new block will have adequate space and facilities for classes and activities in dance, music and other traditional fine arts.

Smart Classrooms

A Smart Classroom is a state-of-the-art approach to teaching, in which technology is brought inside the classroom in an effort to let teachers connect better with students. The technology helps teachers draw up lesson plans, create lessons, use audio-visual aids (including 2D and 3D animations, graphics, audio and video) to augment their traditional ways of teaching, and eventually engage better with children.
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The school is self-sufficient in terms of transport. The school has two buses accommodating about 30 students each, plying two trips. The buses are mainly meant for students from distant areas.